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Accu Speedometer version 1.1 NEW! Free!

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For Android Phones / Smartphones

Accu Speedometer is a speedometer app for Android that's very accurate and versatile. It has a Speed Alarm you can set that gives a visual and audible warning with a Silence / Off feature. It's powered by GPS and also includes a magnetic compass that shows your direction whether you're moving or not. The speedometer shows your speed very precisely. Below 20 MPH / 32 km/h your speed is shown in decimal format and above 20 MPH it automatically switches to whole numbers. That makes it useful for sports, walking, hiking, jogging, running or cycling at lower speeds and great for higher speeds in a car, motorcycle, boat or flying in an aircraft. You could even use it for scientific purposes because it measures speed in Metres per Second (m/s) in addition to: MPH, km/h and Knots!

Accu Speedometer also shows your current location in a very precise and unique way. It shows your latitude and longitude in all 3 GPS coordinate formats at the same time. It displays: Decimal Degrees, Degrees / Decimal Minutes and Degrees / Minutes / Seconds. Also indicated are Altitude, GPS Accuracy, number of satellites used for your location fix and the overall signal strength of the satellites in use.

Fun Themes are available to change the look and feel of this app. You can preview the extra themes for a short time. The Pro Version upgrade unlocks all themes. This app is Free and contains No Ads!

Highly accurate decimal / integer Speed
Visible / Audible Speed Alarm
Alarm Silence / Off feature
Alarm Volume and Mute

Speed Formats:
MPH, Miles per Hour
km/h, Kilometers per Hour
Knots (for boating and aircraft)
M/S, (meters) Metres per Second

Digital Speed Display with no upper limit
Choose Black or White Speed Display
Set Speedometer Brightness for Day or Night

Altitude and Accuracy in Feet or Metres

GPS Coordinates shown in:
Decimal Degrees
Degrees / Decimal Minutes
Degrees / Minutes / Seconds

Number of Satellites used for location fix
Satellite Signal Strength Meters

Magnetic Compass with Speed and Altitude

Themes available:
Aluminum, shiny metal
(Free Preview of Pro Upgrade)
Leather, stitched
Grunge, rusty metal
Art Deco, Roaring 20's
More to be added in the future which you will get for Free when you Upgrade to the Pro Version!

There are a few messages shown after installing to help familiarize you with Accu Speedometer.

The app is not yet optimized to take advantage of a tablet's screen size but we're working on that!

**** PERMISSIONS Explained ****
The INTERNET permission allows the built in web browser to display our website in the About screen. And the Help file also displays in the web browser. This app does Not access the Internet in any other way.
The BILLING permission allows you to purchase the Upgraded Pro Version from Google Play.
The ACCESS FINE LOCATION permission is for the GPS functions of this app that make it operate such as determining your speed, latitude, longitude, etc.

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Accu Speedometer

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