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Controls on the main interface

All of your setting preferences throughout the program are automatically saved for your convenience.

Hover your cursor over most items to see pop-up ToolTip descriptions, (if Show ToolTips is selected in Options).

The small "P" button to the right of the record level meter will let you Preview the record level in the meter anytime the level is not showing.

The Record button will make manual recordings at anytime, except when an automatic recording is in progress or a file is playing. The length of time that will be recorded is shown as Recording Length on the interface. (The length for automatic is shown separately next to the auto start time).

Stop button stops manual or automatic recordings and play.

Pause - Resume button allows you to cut out portions of a recording that you don't want. Click it a second time to resume recording. It also pauses and resumes play.

Play after you finish a recording will play that recording.

To play a different audio file, click the
Select file to play button. You'll see an open file dialog. You can select many different types of audio files to play such as: MP3, WMA. WAV, OGG, AU, AIF, RAW, VOX, MPPlus, MPEG, AVI, (audio only), and more. You can try any type by leaving the file type filter set to "All files".

Click and drag the
seek slider to move to any point in the file being played. It has no effect on recordings.

Options button opens the form where you set all of your recording preferences.

Right click on the ? button to open the Help file or left-click on the ? button for the About box.

Depending on your setting in
Options, the Minimize button will either minimize to the Taskbar or minimize to your System Tray, (near your system clock). If minimized to System Tray, an icon will appear there. You can double-click it to show the recorder or you can right-click it and select Show Recorder or Exit.

x button closes the program.

Upgrade button opens the Upgrade form where you can upgrade to Easy Hi-Q Recorder. The form has a link that takes you to our secure purchase page at

sound level meter shows the left and right channel levels for recording and playing. This helps you adjust your recording volume.

Within the sound level meter there is an indicator to show recorded time or time played and another to show total length of a playing file.

The MB Recorded indicator shows the current file size of your recording.

The MB Free Space indicator shows how much free space is remaining on your selected output hard drive in megabytes. 1,000 MB equals 1 Gigabyte.

The first blue indicator shows the recording mode and quality that you have selected.

The second blue indicator shows your
manual recording length.

The automatic recording indicator shows whether the schedule is set, the type, the start time and the length to record.

When the
red light is lit, a recording is in progress.

Next to the light is the filename of the current recording. You can hover over the label to view the full name if it doesn't all show within the label.

The second label shows the filename of the currently playing file. You can also hover over that label to view the full name.

If you have
Sound Activation enabled, you'll see a label that says: S-Activ.
(Only available in Easy Hi-Q Recorder)

If you have Auto-Split enabled, you'll see a label that says: A-Split.
(Only available in Easy Hi-Q Recorder)

Controls on Recording Options

The mode, quality, time, filename, input, volume, output location, sound-activation, auto-split and schedule options are covered in other areas of this help file.

The Show ToolTips function when checked shows you helpful pop-up ToolTips when you hover over most items. To turn off this feature, uncheck it.

The Minimize to System Tray function when checked will allow you to minimize the recorder to the System Tray, (near your system clock), rather than minimizing to the Taskbar. The System Tray icon can be double-clicked to show the recorder. You can also right-click the icon and select Show Recorder or Exit.

Recorder Always On Top function when checked will keep the Main recorder Window, always on top of all other Windows. Because the recorder interface is compact, this makes it convenient to use when multiple Windows are open. To turn off this feature, uncheck it.

Open Recorder at System Startup (Only available in Easy Hi-Q Recorder) function when checked will automatically start Easy Hi-Q Recorder each time your computer starts up. This makes it convenient when you have scheduled recordings set. But you'll have to make sure that the application that you want to record from is running and set to the proper URL or station.

This feature is also handy if your computer is running unattended and there is a power failure. If your PC can reboot itself when the power resumes, the recorder will also start itself up. To turn off this feature, uncheck it.

If you plan on running Easy Hi-Q Recorder and leaving your computer unattended for long periods of time, always reboot your computer after making any changes to recorder settings. That will save your settings properly so that they are not lost in case of a power failure.