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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) If you don't find your question addressed here, please also look through the Help file included with the software. If you still need help, feel free to contact us with the details of the problem so that we can assist you.

If you're having trouble recording in Windows 7 or Vista, please visit our Windows 7, Vista Recording Problem page.

Q. - I made a recording, why isn't there any sound when I play it back? (Easy Hi-Q Recorder or FREE Hi-Q Recorder)

(Answer #1)
A. -
Usually when that happens, it's because in Options, the Wrong INPUT SOURCE is selected or the Record volume is too low. Try raising the Record volume first.

If raising the Record volume doesn't help, in Options, please look at your INPUT SOURCES . The one that you need to record any sound, (usually for streaming audio from websites or media players), is usually the last or first one in the list. It will have varying names depending on which sound card you have. Some names are; Stereo Mix, Wave, Wave Out Mix, What-U-Hear, Record Master, Loopback or their could be other possible names.

Please try different input sources. And with your source audio playing, click Auto Set, Go or adjust the record volume up manually.

If you still don't get any sound on playback or you can't get the record volume high enough, click Options, Click the Play Volume button (or double click your speaker icon near your clock to get to the same). That opens your Windows Play volume controls (Master Volume). Look for Wave, that is your Main sound level setting for your entire system for play and record volumes. Make sure it is Not Muted. Raise the Wave volume and try recording again.

If Wave is not shown in your Windows Play volume controls, click Options, Properties put a check-mark in Wave in the lower list, click OK. Then you'll see Wave on your Master Volume control Window.

If you still don't get sound on playback, in your Windows Play volume controls, click Options, Properties put a check-mark in All items in the Lower list, click OK. Then you'll see all available system play volume sources. Make sure the volumes are up and that the one you want to use, (which would be the one you have selected in the recorder), is Not Muted.


(Answer #2)
A. -
In Options in the recorder, if you don't have the INPUT SOURCE selection shown that you'd like to use, such as Stereo Mix, Wave, etc. and only have 1, 2 or 3 selections like: Line-In, Mic, Rear Mic, that means you have Integrated Audio on your PC or Laptop.

Please contact support for help with this issue.

Q. - I get an error message that says one of the following: "Runtime Error 380, Invalid Property Value", "Runtime Error 52" or "Invalid Filename". (Easy Hi-Q Recorder or FREE Hi-Q Recorder)

A. - Sometimes other audio applications, Windows, a webcam microphone, a USB mic or headphones or a Bluetooth sound device will change your PC's audio properties, causing the error.

Please right-click on your speaker icon near your clock. Select "Adjust Audio Properties". Click the Audio tab.

Then try changing the Default devices for "Sound playback" and "Sound recording".
Click Apply, click OK.

(Sometimes the USB type device just needs to be unplugged from the PC before opening the recorder).

Q. - I'm having a display problem with the interface, (Easy Hi-Q Recorder, FREE Hi-Q Recorder or the Precision CD Ripper),
it appears distorted and I can't see all of the controls. How can I fix that?

A. - It's a minor problem that is very easy to fix. It happens when large system fonts are selected.
You can still use large fonts with any resolution setting.
The display problems occur when using the following method;

(This information applies to Vista in Classic View mode and XP)

Right click on the Desktop, select Properties. Click the Settings tab. Click the Advanced button.
Click the General tab. Look for Display, Font Size: If Large Fonts are selected here, this causes the display problem.
Select Small Fonts, (Normal Size). Click OK to correct the problem.

To use large fonts, please Right click on the Desktop, select Properties. Click the Appearance tab. Look at Scheme:, in that list you can select large or extra large fonts, click OK and that will work in all screen resolution settings.

(This information applies to Vista in its regular, non-classic view mode)

Right click on the Desktop, select Personalize, click Adjust Font Size on the left bar, select Continue on User Account Control, select Default Size, select Apply and Okay, and Restart PC.

Then, to add larger icons on the Desktop, you should, Right click on the Desktop, select View, select Large or Medium icons.

Then, to add larger icons on the Vista Taskbar at the bottom of the screen, you should,

Right click on a vacant portion of the Taskbar on left portion of the Taskbar, select Large icons.

Q. - How do I save my recordings or find my recordings? (Easy Hi-Q Recorder or FREE Hi-Q Recorder)

A. - Each time you make a recording, they're automatically saved when the recording has completed. It's not an extra step you have to perform.

Please open Options, look at the lower left corner.
There you'll see where they are being saved.
The recorder saves to C:\My Recordings by default. But you can change that by clicking the Select button and selecting your preferred location, click OK.

You can also change the basic filename if you like.


Q. - I get an error message that says "ActiveX error 429, can't create component".

A. - That error is usually caused by a Windows update. Download and run the installer again without uninstalling. Don't open the program.

Shut down your PC. Reboot, then try the program again.

Q. - How do I upgrade my software?

A. -
Registered users can upgrade to the latest version of any purchased product absolutely FREE! Just check our website periodically or any other site that features our software for the latest version. Then download and install it and you'll have a free upgrade! (Make sure to Uninstall your current version, shut down then reboot before installing the new version).

Q. - What happens to my converted files, your program or my system settings when the trial expires?

A. -
(Precision CD WAV MP3 Converter) - The program will open but will be disabled except for purchase
or registration options. Any conversions, CD extractions or recordings are yours to keep.

A. - (Optimum XP) - The program will open but will be disabled except for purchase
or registration options. If you decide before the end of the trial that you will not be purchasing,
make sure that the settings are the way that you want them to be left. Trial expiration
will not change any settings or revert to defaults.

Q. - Will uninstalling affect or remove any audio files I have recorded or converted?

A. -
No, any audio files recorded, converted or extracted and any original files will not be
affected or removed. They are yours to keep.

Q. - I have more questions regarding your software. Where can I find answers?

A. -
Return to our home page and click the More Info link for the product. You can also download
Help files there. If you need additional help, you can
contact us and we will be glad to help!

Q. - I made a purchase, how will my order be delivered?

A. - If you already completed the purchase process, you would have been shown a
web page containing your
registration code information, which is needed to unlock
trial version of the software.
You also would have received an
email that contains your registration code information.
If you do
not already have the trial version of the software on your computer,
you need to
download and install it.
All downloadable trial versions can be found on our
home page.
There is
no full version to download. After installing the trial version, locate the
Buy or Registration button which will open a registration form. Then enter your
registration code information, click
Submit and the trial version will be unlocked
to a fully functional, unlimited version.

After unlocking, make sure to close the software. Shut down your PC, reboot. Then test the software to make sure the trial limitations have been removed.

Q. - Will I receive my software in the mail?

A. -
All purchased software is available on CD-ROM. If you purchased
that option, you will receive your CD in approximately 1-2 weeks, depending on your location.
Please retain your registration information separately. It's usually not included with the CD.

Q. - I lost my registration codes and I need to reinstall, do I have to purchase again?

A. -
No, just contact us and we will send your codes to you.
If you also need the software, download and install the latest trial version from our website.

I have more questions or comments...

contact us and we will be glad to help!

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