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File Naming, Output Location

File Naming
, click Options. The basic filename "EasyHi-Q" is already entered by default. You can change this to anything you like. Illegal filename characters such as: > \ :, etc., are automatically filtered out. Select the option to automatically add the date and current time, with seconds, to the end of the basic filename or select the add number option.

The filename
extension such as .mp3, etc., is also automatically added depending on which recording format you choose.

This automatic file naming method allows you to make manual or automatic recordings at any time
without having to set a filename for each recording. It also makes each filename unique so that none of your previous recordings will ever be over-written.

Output Location

Click Options. By default, the output location for your recordings is set to: your Windows drive, usually "C:\", + "My Recordings\". If you use the default location, the folder will be automatically created when you make your first recording. Or, you can choose any other output location by clicking the Select button.