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Make Free Ringtones with our sound recorders!

You can record music, voice through a microphone or any other sound you can think of, to create ringtones for your cell phone.

Many cell phones will accept MP3 and WAV, (WAVE), files as a ringtone.

Easy Hi-Q Recorder More Info. Page Easy Hi-Q Recorder can record directly, in high quality, to the MP3 or WAV formats.

Free Sound Recorder Software, free download FREE Hi-Q Recorder can record directly to MP3.

Record a short snippet of sound to be used as a ringtone. You may be able to use the recorded files as-is, on your cell phone.

Your recorded files may need further compression or conversion to another format to be used on your cell phone, which depends on your Brand, Model and Service Provider. If that's the case, you should Google the term: ringtone converter

Unfortunately we cannot provide support for the process of getting the ringtone into your cell phone. There are hundreds of cell phone models and the methods vary as to how ringtones are loaded onto the phones. For support with ringtone installation, you would need to contact your Cell Phone Manufacturer, your Cell Phone Service Provider or your Ringtone Converter Software Vendor.

Easy Hi-Q Recorder More Info. Page

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