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Free Sound Recording Software FREE Hi-Q Recorder Version 1.95 NEW!

FREE Hi-Q Recorder is free sound recording software to record streaming audio, Internet radio, webcasts, music, meetings, classes, seminars, convert LP's, records, tapes, make free ringtones and a lot more. It's an MP3 sound recorder to record anything you can hear!

For Microsoft Windows 8, 7 (all editions), Vista (all editions), XP (all editions), 98SE, ME, 2000

For PC, laptop, tablet, notebook, netbook or Mac, (Intel based Mac, running OS X Tiger v10.4.6 or later, with Boot Camp and Windows)

(Apple / Mac Boot Camp (Free), is a dual boot utility that comes with newer Macintosh computers and lets you run Windows on a Mac in addition to OSX)

Download Free Boot Camp for older Macs here

Many people are using it on their Windows Mobile Phone / Smartphone made by:windows mobile phone
Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC and more...

FREE Hi-Q Recorder is 100% free software that has no limitations on recording time. Believe it or not it's really freeware!

FREE Hi-Q Recorder is so
easy to use, all you have to do to is click Record to get started!

It's the easiest way to record absolutely
any sound in real-time! Record directly to MP3. Set your MP3 quality by selecting your MP3 Bitrate and stereo or mono. The MP3 quality is excellent at all settings! Record streaming Internet audio or video broadcasts or webcasts of any kind, whether it's news, sports, music, talk radio or any other format, (records audio only). Record audio or video sounds from DVD, Windows Media Player, RealOne Player, Winamp, QuickTime or any other media player, games, Midi, Software Synthesizer, etc. Convert, (record), LP's, any records, tapes, CD's, radio, DAT, Mini-Disc, video tape sounds, T.V. sounds, video games, telephone, microphone or from any other external device. Record satellite radio, XM or Sirius. You can also use it as a universal audio or video sound file converter.

Your recording time is Unlimited. It also has a versatile audio player that can play many types of audio and video files (plays audio only). FREE Hi-Q Recorder is
easy enough for anyone to use. Automatic file naming is just one of many features that make it so easy to use!

Record and save music that is ready to transfer to your Android Smartphone or Tablet, Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad, Rio, iRiver, Sony or any other portable MP3 music player!

Create your own iPod iTunes podcast audio content. You'll be podcasting in no time! (What is podcasting?)

Version 1.95 runs in Windows 8 and adds Keyboard Hotkeys, Shortcut Key functionality.

Do you need more audio recording formats like MP3 VBR, WMA, OGG and WAV, higher quality, a VCR like timer, sound or song activation, file splitting and more advanced features? Please look at our Easy Hi-Q Recorder Free Trial!

You can check out our side-by-side, Easy Hi-Q Recorder vs FREE HQ Recorder comparison chart here

Sound Recorder feature comparison

FREE Hi-Q Recorder

FREE Hi-Q Recorder, free software

Download a free sound recorder
Free Download
3.15 MB

Tested and Certified 100% Clean and Safe to Install by numerous sites

  • No Spyware
  • No Adware
  • No Viruses
  • No Trojans
  • No Malware

Free Hi-Q Recorder safe to install

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We hope you enjoy FREE Hi-Q Recorder. Please consider Upgrading to Easy Hi-Q Recorder in the future.

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If you're having trouble recording in Windows 8, 7 or Vista, please visit our Windows 8, 7, Vista Recording Problem page.

Other Frequently Asked Questions are addressed on our FAQ's page.

FREE Hi-Q Recorder, MP3 sound recorder software

FREE Hi-Q Recorder Options

Input - Volume
Length - Timers
File Naming
Recording File Types - Quality

You may also click here (or right-click, Save) to download the help file, (36 KB), that's included with FREE Hi-Q Recorder.

After downloading, double click "freehiq_help.chm" to open the help file.

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