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Optimum XP icon Optimum XP Version 1.4 NEW!

For Microsoft Windows XP Home or Pro

Optimize and tweak Windows XP with Optimum XP! Optimum XP makes it easy to accelerate, secure and totally customize your Windows XP Home or Pro system with over 150 powerful tweaks and hidden Registry settings. Optimize your CPU, RAM, hard drive, Internet speed, network, security, Windows, Internet Explorer, MS Office and many other applications. Optimum XP uses minimal system resources and is very user friendly.

"Optimum XP is great. Very good explanations of tweaks and the most
noticeable system improvements of any program like this I've used. --John C. J." - USA
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The included features will:

  • Increase CPU priority
  • Free up RAM
  • Free up hard drive space
  • Increase file system performance
  • Increase Internet speed
  • Increase security and privacy
  • Help prevent Denial of Service attacks
  • Enhance network communications
  • Optimize hardware configurations
  • Customize Windows, Internet Explorer,
  • Outlook, MS Office, even cheat at Hearts
  • and much more!

What's new in version 1.4:
Version 1.4 has the new tabbed interface that makes it even easier than before! And, now you can minimize to the System Tray to save space on your taskbar.

How to use
Tools, menu options
Restore Factory Settings
Tweak Descriptions
Trial Period
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You may also click
here to download the help file, (20 KB), that's included with Optimum XP.

After downloading, double click "optxp_help.chm" to open the help file.

Optimize Windows XP with Optimum XP Optimum XP

Optimum XP will enhance your Windows XP environment in many ways. The 150+ included tweaks will let you improve your system performance, security, privacy, and look and feel. You can improve your Internet and network speed and security and optimize hardware configurations. You can also improve the operation and security of many other applications, such as: Internet Explorer, Outlook, MS Office applications and more. Optimum XP provides all of these enhancements in one convenient location and is very easy to use, featuring a simple user interface. Many of the tweaks are undocumented, hidden Registry settings.

How to use:

Optimum XP is loaded with powerful features but is very easy to use

The first time you open Optimum XP, all values are unchecked. Those settings are identical to the settings that are in place right after a fresh install of Windows XP. Please examine the tweaks to see if you might have already changed some of the default values previously in your system, (if the settings were accessible elsewhere). If so, leaving them unchecked and clicking Apply Changes would revert them back to their original settings.

Select the
tab with the category that you want.

All items in the Tweak Lists have a
check box next to them.
unchecked values are Factory Default Settings.
checked values are tweaks, (modifications, improvements).

To play it safe on any item that you're not familiar with, it's best to leave it unchecked.
To use a Factory Default Setting, uncheck the item.

To use a
tweak, simply put a checkmark next to the item.

tweaks; checked and default values; unchecked will not be applied until you click Apply Changes.

There are 4 Apply Changes buttons, one for each category.
The Apply Changes buttons will be enabled, active, when at least one checkmark is added or removed.
The Apply Changes buttons only affect the category, Performance, etc., that is currently selected.

Check or uncheck any items that you want to change and when you've finished selecting tweaks, click
Apply Changes.

The tweaks are safe modifications to your
Windows Registry.
Some changes will take effect immediately. Some require shutting down and restarting the affected application.
many cases you will have to Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Disabling many of the services listed will generally free up resources. However, some are necessary, it varies according to your particular use/system configuration.

Tools, menu options:

Minimize to Tray
lets you minimize to the System Tray, (near the clock),
rather than the Taskbar.

Un-Check All is provided as a convenience feature and you can use it as a Restore Factory Settings function.
It unchecks all items in all categories.

Check All
is provided as a convenience feature but is not recommended as a standard setting to use.
It may be appropriate in some cases but it's best to examine each tweak before applying all.
It checks all items in all categories.

Restore Factory Settings:

Clicking the
Restore Factory Settings button, simply unchecks all list items in all categories, which are the factory default values.
Click all 4
Apply Changes buttons next, then Restart your computer.