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What is podcasting?

Podcasting is publishing primarily, audio files on the Internet. A podcaster creates audio content; talk, music, news, etc. Users can subscribe to a podcast feed and receive new files automatically. The podcast feed is downloaded to the computer. Then the podcast (broadcast) can be played at anytime by a media player on the computer. Or the content can be uploaded to a portable music player such as an Apple
iPod (which is where the term "podcasting" originated). Apple has integrated podcast subscriptions into it's iTunes software. The iTunes podcast feeds can then be played in the iPod.

An iPod and iTunes are not required to play the podcasts. Most podcasts are in the MP3 format, so almost any media player or portable music, MP3 player will work.

Podcasting makes it very easy for virtually anyone to create their own audio content for publishing, such as a "radio talk show", music, advertising, etc. Video files can also be published through podcasting. Podcasts are distributed using the RSS 2.0 news reader format.

If you would like to create your own podcasts, we have recording software available that can help you accomplish that.