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Sound Activation - Automatic Song Detection (At silence: Create new file)

Available feature in Easy Hi-Q Recorder - More Info.


Sound Activation feature can be used for different purposes, such as:

(Sound monitoring is also called Voice Activation or sometimes VOX).

To enable
Sound Activation, put a check-mark in the Sound Activation check box. To turn it off, uncheck it. Turning it off disables all of the related controls, turning it on enables the controls. To use Sound Activation you must also either click Record or Set a Schedule to start this function.

To use Automatic Song Detection, turn on, (check-mark) Sound Activation and select the "At silence:" Create new file option. This will automatically start recordings when sound is detected. It will also stop recordings when silence is detected. At silence, a new file will be created and the recorder will wait for a new sound and will then start recording again.

If you have trouble using this feature please read below.

This information applies to all recording types even though LPs are mentioned.
The Automatic Song Detection, ("At silence:" Create new file), feature can be tricky to set up especially for LPs. It's because of varying background noise levels like hiss, pops and there can be differences between records too. Sound card background noise levels can vary quite a bit also.

It's best to start with the Default settings. In the Sound Activation area, click the Def button for defaults. Leave the time slider at 0.1.
Then experiment with the 2 dB sliders. Only make very minor adjustments from defaults. Extreme movements won't work.

Try moving the second slider up to about -36 dB.
Then test record near the end of a track to see if it starts a new recording where it should.
It takes some trial and error.

Here are some settings recently reported by a user that worked for his LPs;
Start dB slider at -31 and the Stop dB slider at -29.

To use
Sound monitoring that creates a new file for each new sound, select the "At silence:" Create new file option. It's the same as Automatic Song Detection except that you would have a microphone, telephone adaptor or another device plugged in.

To use
Sound monitoring that removes silence and saves all sounds to one file, select the "At silence:" Remove silence option. The recorder will only record when sound is present.

three sliders in this section adjust the sensitivity to sound and silence. The default levels work well in most cases. The levels may need to be adjusted depending on the type of input source being used, background noise and the sound level of what you want to record.

You can experiment with these levels to find out what works best for your particular application.

Def button sets the three sensitivity sliders to their Default values.

Sound Activation can be used in conjunction with Auto-Split.