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Easy Hi-Q Recorder and FREE Hi-Q Recorder

"Simple and easy -- that's what I like in a sound product's user interface. Couple that with a wide variety of output settings and you have one foolproof audio capture utility..." Read a professional review by James E. Powell, Editor of "The Office Letter", - Windows Office Tips and Tricks

"To whom it may concern,
I have been working with computers for 25 years now. I have installed, written and used thousands of programs . This software "Hi-Q" is the finest and easiest most well documented and straight forward to install that I have ever used. I am very impressed. Thank you very much. Great work is so rare these days I can not let it pass without accolades.
In total admiration, Austin W." - USA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will set about following these instructions as soon as I have a moment or two. It looks quite straightforward. May I say that I have never found anyone from whom I have downloaded software to be even close to as helpful as you have been. So often, the vendor takes your money and then you are 99% on your own. Not so with Roemer! Many people have been impressed with the software. Now I can trumpet your quality of aftercare. This willingness to help the client use the product is a precious thing, and far too scarce these days.
Well done, and thank you. Regards, Liz J." - Canada

"Looking desperately around for a substitute recorder, I tried three or four others but never found an equal to yours. It's quite true that your little software is simply the finest of the bunch. So I am very happy to have it working once more. Secondly, it's always appreciated to get quick and thoughtful assistance, and your help was
very useful to getting things working again. You've got the best product on the market with superior customer service. And you can quote me :-)
Take care, Richard D-S" - Ontario, Canada

"i use easy hi-q daily and it is the single most important piece of software
i use. flawless and reliable. thanks a million.......eric"

“I've been looking for a software solution that would allow me to record streaming audio and help me get my cassette tape collection into MP3 format…and had limited success until I came across Roemer Software”. It's easy to use, will recognise separate tracks, I can set a timer on how much recording I want it to do. It's a great piece of software.
Anne Walsh" - Galway, Ireland

"Easy Hi-Q Recorder has made the recording of sounds, music easy. The easy to use interface is probably one of the most attractive things about the program. Customer service is also excellent if you should have a problem. As a professional musician, your program has been invaluable to me and my friends I have recommended it to. Chances are you're gonna be looking to buy a gift for someone real soon so why not Easy Hi-Q Recorder 2.0? Thanks so much for the great software, I look forward to using it in years to come.
Mike, Trombone Player, Denver, Colorado"

"Recently I had a need where I could record certain internet radio programs and be able to listen to them at a more convenient time. What I wanted was a program that was elaborate enough to give reasonable control but at the same time not be so complex that it would take to long to set up. Easy HI-Q Recorder is perfect for what I needed!! I am able to record Mp3 to my computer and review the material later, plus I have the added benefit of reviewing as many times as I need. l have to say it was money well spent.
Thanks, Dennis C." - USA

"Your Hi-Q is outstanding. It has saved me a lot of money. I have many audio books on tape that I use at home and on the road. Now that I have a car that only has a CD player, I have converted the tapes to CD's and they are perfect.
Thanks again for a great prod
uct. John B." - Florida

"I downloaded Easy Hi-Q Recorder with the intention of recording short warm-ups for my band program that were in a non-downloadable format. I fell in love with the ease of operation of Easy Hi-Q Recorder, and soon wanted the full version. Hi-Q will record anything that passes through your sound card. I have found it to be an invaluable teaching tool, and an incredible tool for sharing my own compositions with others. I can record my MIDI studio playing my compositions real time, and therefore do not rely on the quality of someone else's soundcard as a determining factor in whether or not to purchase my composition. I can either send it to them via email, or burn it to CD for their perusal. In short, Rick Roemer's software gives you something that I have not found anywhere else - options. Congratulations on a great product, at a great price. That combination is exceptionally rare, particularly in the music business.
Keep up the good work, sir.
Rob Opitz
Director of Bands
Marietta High School
Professional Trumpeter
Composer/Arranger" - USA

"Wow you guys rock. Sorry for the mix-up, and thanks for the great customer support (I know Ill be giving glowing reviews I like the product, and now I like the people!).
Have a great weekend,
Steph" - Canada

"Having looked at three different products; I have bought yours as I find it seems easy to use and just works. regards Giles C." - U.K.

"I was also trying out some other players/recorders (Hi-Q clearly the best)
David W." - USA

"Thanks for all your help Gaynor P. - ps I love your recorder best I have tried and I have tried a lot, use it every day." - U.K.

"Have just downloaded and run your software update to 'Easy Hi-Q Recorder' and they are absolutely fantastic, exactly the functions I really need to make this the best recording package on the internet....
Anyway many thanks for the update, they are much appreciated.
Joe B." - U.K.

Easy Hi-Q Converter

"I needed a simple but comprehensive converter to convert from MP3 to WAV file format. A Google search resulted in dozens of Converters - almost overwhelming to decided which was best for my needs! Many were "Freeware" and others were very expensive and far beyond what my needs are. I downloaded about six converters for a free trial and when I worked with the RoemerSoftware "Easy Hi-Q Converter I knew immediately this was the one for me!

The "Easy Hi-Q Converter" is comprehensive yet very easy to use. I was able to convert MP3 Files to WAV without any instructions or even the "Help" menu. The main window takes one through the steps of finding your files quickly and then selecting the files you want to convert and finally placil.l.9ng those files into the window for converting. Takes about 30 seconds from start to finish getting the files ready to convert!

The main window also provides all the information one needs to know where the files are going to be placed in selected folders you set up one time using the "options" feature. The options feature allows one to set up what file types are to be converted to other file types - you can even convert a file to more then one other file type using the "options" feature. Selecting where you want converted files to be sent is easy and very handy.

The download of the Trial software is fast and you get a fully functional program to try out as long as you need to - the only limit is the limit of three minutes per file in the Trial mode. I felt comfortable purchasing this software after only a few trial runs - so easy to use and works so smooth I decided right then to buy it. It is comforting to know you have a lengthy guarantee period (60 days) to return the program should you not be completely satisfied with the performance!

Technical support from the author is very fast! I had one question I was not able to resolve - An email to tech support resulted in a prompt and simple solution. Not many software packages can promise that type of personal support!

I highly recommend this software. It is simple but feature rich - if you need to convert just about any file format to another I would suggest you try this one out FIRST!"

Willis C Haycock
Senior Vice President, ROADGEAR, INC


"Thanks for your quick reply. I love your programme, it is very user friendly. I can see I won't have any more problems converting files. Kindest Regards Margaret H." - Australia

Precision CD WAV MP3 Converter

"This program meets my requirements for flexible conversion to and from wav, MP3 and wma files (and even ogg). The use of the LAME 3.92 engine provides what sounds like the best MP3 quality you can get at the moment. Important is that the output parameters can be set over a very wide range which is especially useful when trying to provide decent-sounding files of minimum size for web use. All in all a very good program. Bengt S." - Switzerland

Optimum XP

"Optimum XP is great. Very good explanations of tweaks and the most
noticeable system improvements of any program like this I've used. --John C. J." - USA


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