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Windows 7 and Vista Recording Problems

If you are having trouble recording sounds in Windows 7 or Vista, please read this information:

To be able to record audio in Windows 7 or Vista, you will have to make changes to its Default Sound Configuration / Setup.

Before making changes in 7 or Vista's sound set up, in Easy Hi-Q Recorder's Options, you will only see Master Volume available in the Input Source drop down box. You need to have more Input Source selections available to be able to record the sounds of your choice, such as: Stereo Mix or What U Hear for streaming, Microphone, Line In, etc.

Windows 7 and Vista Recording Input Source selections for recording streaming audio, sound from media players or just about anything you can hear coming through your speakers are Hidden from view and Disabled by Default.

If your sound card/system supports recording streaming audio Input Source selections such as: Stereo Mix, What U Hear, Wave Out Mix, Wave or a similar selection, here's what you need to do to Enable it for recording:

Right-Click on your Speaker Icon in your System Tray, (near your clock), select "Recording Devices".

(You can also access these settings via Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Sound).

In the Sound window that opens, near the top, select the "Recording" TAB.

Move your cursor down to where devices are shown.

Right-Click in the blank white area and select "Show Disabled Devices".

If supported, new selections will appear such as: Stereo Mix, What U Hear, etc. Right-Click on "Stereo Mix", "What U Hear" or similar and select "Enable".

Right-Click on the same item again and select "Set as Default Device". Click OK.

Now in the recorder's Options in the "Input Source" box, you should have the "Stereo Mix", "What U Hear" or similar source available to select for recording streaming, etc.

(You can also Enable other hidden selections like Microphone, Line In, etc. if they are not already shown).

If the "Stereo Mix" type device did Not show up in the "Sound" window when right-clicking and selecting Show Disabled Devices, it may indicate that you have Integrated Sound, and recording streaming, etc. is Not supported. In that case (on a Desktop PC), installing a sound card into an available slot should solve the problem.

If you're using a Laptop or a Notebook and aren't able to get your preferred Input Sources showing, that is hard to resolve. The best thing to do in that case is to contact the manufacturer to see what they can recommend.

If your laptop has a PCMCIA slot, We have read on forums that it might be possible to use a PCMCIA sound card to resolve the problem but haven't been able to test that yet.

(Sometimes downloading and installing your sound card manufacturer's latest drivers can add additional sources like What-U-Hear, Stereo Mix, etc. Also, some users have reported that "downgrading" drivers to older versions have helped them instead of "upgrading").

As a last resort, you can use a mini-plug Stereo-to-Stereo cable plugged in from Headphone/Speaker Out to Line-In or if Line-In is not available you can use a Stereo-to-Mono cable plugged in from Headphone/Speaker Out to Microphone In.

Then select the appropriate Input Source in the recorder's Options: Line-In or Microphone.

When using the cable connection method, make sure to start with very Low volume settings so you don't damage your sound card.

(And some users have reported that using the "cable" method into Line-In activated and enabled the previously unavailable "Stereo Mix" Input Source).

(FYI: We have been getting reports that external USB and Firewire sound cards do not work with our recorders.)

Other Frequently Asked Questions are addressed on our FAQ's page.

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